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Best Night Clubs in Dhaka, Dhaka Night Parties & Pub Crawls

Drinking and Nightclub in Dhaka comes as an elusive topic in most minds with no clear answers. Is there any good night club in Dhaka? That’s the question that often grips outgoing savvy visitors, be it foreign or overseas Bengali residents who is in Dhaka for a short visit. Often night club party or dance club is associated with upper middle class to upper class citizens, so likewise you will find them easily in renowned five star property’s in Dhaka, for example the Cigar Bar at Radission or Prego Bar in Westin, all have live music with disco facilities. But be prepared to shed some wallet weight; as drinks don’t come by any cheaper over there. But the nightlife are the some of the best you will find in Dhaka.

The nightlife scene is always alight in five star property, lets get that out of the way. Often they hold local DJ party with famous local DJ; the only sure way to know is of course keeping an eye on the social media channels of all this property. Sometimes famous foreign DJ’s also are known to launch a night into stratosphere in Dhaka; but they come seldomly.

The best clubs are the ones arranged by diplomatic houses; the Nordic club, International Club, German Club always holds weekly parties and local or foreigners can easily access this clubs by buying a pass.

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