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Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan

Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan Dhaka is one of the most popular bars in Dhaka city. The bar has become the hub for tipplers in the town. The place has a nice setup for relaxing. Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan Dhaka Bangladesh has got one of the largest brand stocks in the country, which has given them a sense of pride.

The bar is situated right beside the heart of the town. The address is Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan Road # 41, House # 46, Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh  very easy to navigate. Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan offers a wide array of facilities like, café, a place for snacks called Quick Bites, shisha, free wifi, separate smoking zone and much more. You can make reservations over there if you have a plan in the evening with friends and enjoy the finest drinks available in the city.

Hotel Lakeshore Bar Limited

Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan
Road # 41, House # 46, Gulshan 2
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Always lowest price of liquor in Dhaka city, check the menu today and see for yourself!

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