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If you’re looking to find the best nightlife scene in Dhaka, well you’ve come to the right place. Nightlife in Dhaka might appear to be a bit elusive, but if you know where to look, there’s plenty happening in dhaka city at night. Here we’ll help you unlock the right doors to turn up the nocturnal noise.

First thing first, you won’t find those fancy “sensation white” or its sheer size of scale in Dhaka. If you have the right expectation, good times are bound to be in plenty. You’ll find disco bars, or dance clubs that can accommodate up to 80 – 150 guests in most locations. International scene is next to none, but occasionally international DJ’s do show up, for that you always need to keep an eye on Five Star Hotels in Dhaka.

The embassy catch.

No where in Dhaka the nightlife burst into high up in stratosphere than the embassy sponsored clubs. The Nordic club or the French club will easily let you in if you’re a foreign passport holder, if you’re a local you got to have the right contacts or at least the right cars, if you know what we mean. Generally, all of these club have one thing in common, a dance floor, a bar counter where you can get good choice of liquors.


The bar scene in Dhaka

If you’re definition of a night scene is more boisterous celebration with mates, than hotel bars or local bars can be a good choice too. And this is far easier to access than those embassy clubs. Generally, few hotel bar have dedicated dance floors and a penchant for all things with little to no restriction. Quite a few hotel bars have daily live music, for example Hotel Westin Prego Bar, Le Meridian’s 15 Above bar & lounge; while being extremely pricey, the location is often a hot spot for few elites in Dhaka. On the other hand on a more affordable range category, Gentleman’s Rest bar or Blumoon Bar can be a good choice selection for a great night out.

So now you know, how nightlife Dhaka unfolds in the city.


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